Drakes Pride - Bowls

The Professional

with Dimple/Rose grip

The slightly slimmer oval shape of this model provides for excellent feel and comfort in the hand. It has a constant and gradual finish which allows for a greater
range of shots. Recommended for experienced bowlers playing on good fast surfaces, the Professional is also available in an extra-heavy model for greater control on faster winter greens.  It is the bowl used by the vast majority of S.A Masters winners this decade. 

Available in:
Black or brown, sizes 00-7
Coloured, sizes 0-5
Black X-tra heavy, sizes 1-

The Protea

with Dimple grip

This bowl shares the shape, feel and handling qualities of the Professional model. Designed specifically for South African conditions, it has a stronger bias than
the Professional and is more forgiving. The Protea is an all-round, all-surface bowl suitable for novices and champion bowlers alike. South Africa’s top selling bowl
this decade. 

Available in:
Black or brown, sizes 00-6
Coloured, sizes 0-5

The Terrier

with Plain/Rose grip/24 Grip

The Terrier model is a traditionally shaped (fatter) bowl that sits firmly in the hand. It has a similar design bias to the Protea model which enables it to perform in all South African green conditions. The greater width and bulkier shape allows for a stronger finish especially on heavier greens. The larger contact area of the bowl, as well as he smaller, or lack of, grip (dimples) is an advantage in windy conditions and on poorly maintained surfaces. This model was developed in and is unique to South Africa. The Terrier is the ultimate bowl for the competitive bowler playing in adverse conditions. 

Available in:
Black or brown, sizes 0-5
Coloured, sizes 0-5

Colour Range

Coloured bowls only available in heavy weight


Mid Blue